At BeApple: Bass guitar, vocals

Musical Biography:

As with any child who wants to make music, music school was my first station. Through general musical education, recorder to organ. Singing was a second love, I was chosen at school for solos during the Christmas celebrations and sang in a choir. Acting was also a great love for me. But the love for the bass guitar started with my first band.

Many years followed with solid performances, but around my 30th year I chose to continue my business career and make less music. Many years followed without music… A few years ago the music virus started to itch again. After first playing in a band with bass and lead vocals, I chose to focus on singing after 1 year. Since then everything accelerated.

After auditioning for the first time in my life, I got one of the two lead roles in a music theater with 2 huge performances in a big theater; fantastic! There I was asked to audition for a musical by BMT Productions. In this it all got bigger, and mainly more professional, and I got to play various roles. After this musical I was actually looking for something new. Maybe it was a good idea to pick up the bass guitar again?

Then I saw the BeApple ad. That immediately attracted me. Especially the ‘twist’ was decisive. Because the special creativity of the Beatles leaves enormous room for experimentation.😉


  • Fender Jazz bas
  • Boss ME-80
  • Vocal cords
  • Shure SM58 GLXD2
  • Lewitt MTP 840 BM
  • Korg Triton proX