At BeApple: Bass, vocals, accordeon
Musical biography:

Both my parents studied at the Academy of Music in Rotterdam. One of them studied the piano, the other the accordion. When it was time for me to choose which instrument I wanted to play, it was bound to be one of those two. 

I chose the accordion and I went to the Academy of Music in Rotterdam as well, to study School Music. After 2,5 years I changed to the Academy of Music in Brabant, where the accordion became my main subject. Niels was to be an accordion teacher! And I am now.I teach among others at the schools of music MIK (Veghel, Schijndel and their environments) and in Dongen/Gilze-Rijen. Furthermore I give lessons in AMV (General Music Education) at primary schools and I play/act in a theatre for children, that travels across the country to entertain children with stories, dance and songs.

Soon it became obvious I was to be a Beatles fan and since I was nine I have frankly admitted it. Creative-with-the-Beatles-cuttings, Beatles diaries, study songs, study more songs… and suddenly I was able to play the guitar and the piano a little. When I discovered this, I studied even more songs and I went looking for a band. I found ‘Tres Locos’ from Langenboom. With this band we played our own music and I played the piano! After that I started my own band, playing covers, now and then our own songs and I played the bass.

Then a friend of mine sent me a digital ad from a Beatles band, looking for a vocalist. I reacted… and eventually I became the lead-singer and bass player in a Beatles band!!! A dream come true…

  • Hofner bass
  • Ibanez Mandoline M510E-BS
  • Ibanez RDGR bass (5 string)
  • Yamaha Acoustic guitar
  • Vox T25 amplifier
  • Pigini (120 bass) Accordeon
  • Shure SM 58