BeApple News 2008


November 14, 2008

The BeApple remaking of the Beatles’ Mother Nature’s Son

After having played at the 29th International Beatles Convention in Utrecht (The Netherlands), winning the Beatles Unlimited Golden Apple Award in 2008, and being approached for a series of 18 concerts in Seoul (Korea), we were prompted by REVOLVER MAGAZINE in October for a contribution to the December 2008 edition in which the release of the Beatles’ White Album, now 40 years ago, is central.

Earlier we surprised our audience with a polyphony ‘Blackbird’ based on the Crosby Stills Nash & Young version brought live at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles (August 26, 1969).

There was no discussion about which song we would add to this special REVOLVER CD release. ‘Mother Nature’s Son’ can be seen “as a brother song to Blackbird (Revolution, David Quantick, 2002). There are several beautiful live performances of both Paul McCartney such as the King’s Singers (The Beatles Connection, release date July 6, 1988). Moreover, this song had already been on our wish list since the very beginning.

So a new challenge was faced, especially because we only had only one week to arrange, practice and record including mastering. Add to this the high bar we wanted to lay by consciously combining the true original version with the vocal harmonies of the King’s Singers and the accordion of Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens from the live performance of Sir Paul. So a recipe for tension in the band was quickly written. In contradiction with the Beatles at the time we survived the sessions in good harmony. BeApple’s ‘Mother Nature’s Son’s’ was ultimately recorded in 6 hours in the basement of Cees, Tuesday evening October 21, 2008.

And now we’re in stores soon. Our track ended up on the REVOLVER ‘ White Album 40 anniversary CD’ together with 10 covers of other bands. All will be published in December by REVOLVER MAGAZINE including a short introduction with a photo of us in the magazine. Do not miss it!

We are already looking back at some very nice past 6 months. Meanwhile, the performances get more interesting and there are already some interesting challenges in 2009 noted. We’ll keep you posted via this newsletter and the (soon to be revamped!) website.

See you at one of our next gigs!


September 9, 2008

BeApple returns to Stads

BeApple is back and ready for the new season that starts again at ‘Stads’ Eindhoven.
Just a few highlights from last season:
– Playing the 29th International Beatles Convention in Utrecht;
– Winning the Beatles Unlimited Golden Apple Award 2008, and
– Being approached for a series of 18 concerts inSeoul (Korea).

This resulted in an inspiring holiday with plenty of new ideas we already are working on a busy few weeks just to further refine our delicate sound.

The personnel is of course unchanged:

– Alain Leijtens > guitar and vocals,
– Cees Rooden > drums and vocals,
– Rik van Stiphout > keyboards and vocals,
– Niels Tiebosch > bass, guitar and vocals.

BeApple plays The Beatles in “The Best Way Possible.”

See you at ‘Stads’ Eindhoven, Sunday, October 5 – 3 PM



May 21, 2008

BeApple plays The Beatles at …

Tuesday, June 3, BeApple plays live for ‘Radio Station Helmond’ between 9 PM and 10 PM during the program ‘Culture Barbarians’ by Wim Maasakkers. A unique small concert for 25 people plus a few thousand at home glued to the radio.

Do you like to be there? Sign up at Perhaps one of the tickets will be yours!

In this fine hour we also get live radio contact with “our” man in England, Mr. Kieron Collins at the UK ‘Blast1386’ radio station. Kieron Collins can now be regarded as our promoter in the United Kingdom. Are you excited about BeApple, one of the “Eindhoven Four” or Kieron Collins himself? Mail him your response and who knows you can hear yourself back in his ‘Five O’Clock Rock Show’

Radio Station Helmond:

Kieron Collins is:

With ‘Blast 1386’ since 2002 where he presents his ‘five o’clock rock Show’ every Sunday. A show that attracts many listeners, even on the continent. He has presented shows on Thames Valley TV and Crown FM in Reading and also is now involved in the Community Radio for Reading. He has also played Lead guitar in his own bands since the mid sixties.


April 20, 2008

BeApple plays The Beatles for Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina has asked us to do an ‘After Live’ concert at April 27. Announced as “Beatlemania” we stage at the best music pub in Eindhoven region, known throughout the Netherlands.

At we are already mentioned as the “Beatle-specialists from our own Eindhoven”. Now we have won the ‘Beatles Unlimited Golden Apple Award 2008’ you can expect such a description.

A great honor, pride but it also “comes along with a healthy tension” as we say in the Netherlands.

The standard is high, and this is how we want it. With you joining us we try to play the roof off and see what this means at the best music pub in the region.

BeApple, the music of the Beatles live in “the best Possible way”.

Café Wilhelmina
Wilhelminaplein 6,
5611 HE Eindhoven
tel: 003140-2447286

Be there!

Try us at home listening to our CD maxi-single (Out now!)


April 13, 2008

BeApple more often found on the Web

BeApple is doing quite well on the internet. Several sites mention us. Surf to:

Back to The Sixties or Beatles Unlimited and see for yourself.


March 23, 2008

BeApple wins 2008 Golden Apple Award

On March 22 during the 29th edition of the ‘International Beatles Convention’ in Utrecht (The Netherlands) the ‘Beatles Unlimited Golden Apple Award 2008’ (BUGAA) was announced. The Golden Apple Award is given annually to one of five acts selected for the best interpretation of a Beatles song. The 2008 jury consisted of:

– Machiel Bakker (Fonos, Dutch Music Archive)
– Rob Bolland (acclaimed producer and songwriter)

– Buy Geersing (Radio 2 / AVRO)

– Tom Weel (Beatles Unlimited)

BeApple is the winner of the ‘Beatles Unlimited Golden Apple Award 2008’. The jury was very enthusiastic about the interpretation of Fixing a hole. The jury praised BeApple’s self made ending of the song, leaving the other four finalists behind with a distance. The extra Getting Better, after playing the winning song again is called an ‘equally successful version’.

“The Eindhoven four” started at the end of 2006 as a Beatlesband with the intention to play the well-known Beatles song a bit differently. They’re just exist for one year. Next year they will play a full-lenght gig a the 30th Beatles convention (Easter Saturday 2009).


More information about the winners of the Golden Apple Award 2008:, phone: 00316 40487903


March 5, 2008

BeApple worldwide on internet radio

Listen to the broadcast of Radio International once more.


February 27, 2008

Airplay for BeApple in the United Kingdom

Sunday, March 2, we can be heard in Britain in the ‘The 5 O Clock Kieron Collins rock show’. Also found on the internet at



February 20, 2008

BeApple Live on the radio

On February 19 we have been noticed on Radio Helmond.