BeApple News 2010


October 9, 2010

BeApple Live on the Radio

Eefke Boelhouwers is the charming host of a daily ‘feelgood’ radio programme from 1 pm till 4 pm at Omroep Brabant Radio. At set times you might be caught with live music. Thursday, October 14 this will be a certain something. BeApple is on the programme this Thursday and is going to perform some nearly undressed versions from their repertoire including All I’ve Got To Do which is already different from what you might expect of a Beatles tribute band. Live but almost naked. We’re glad it is only radio !

For this time only it’s not again ´See you there!´, but “Sit and relax, close your eyes and ask yourself like us what Eefke wants to know about BeApple”. Omroep Brabant Radio, Thursday with Eefke, 1 pm (till 4 pm)

Where to find? see



September 20, 2010

Cult & Tumult with BeApple

After 7 really exciting gigs in Liverpool last august, even more vibrant as last year, we already did one of a kind also in our hometown Eindhovena few weeks ago. As we go with the flow now BeApple is facing a new challenge at the Veldhoven ‘Cult & Tumult 2010’ cultural festival. Next Sunday, September 26 we climb the stage at 4.30 PM for another “BeApple plays the Beatles”. As you know, different from what to expect, that’s for sure. ‘Cult & Tumult’ is a festival with a wide range of art and culture. The program is full of interesting acts for the young and aged. Having its fourteenth edition this year, Cult & Tumult is definitely one of the bigger cultural events in Holland.

Before, during and after our show you can buy the official ‘Let it BeApple’ 2010 T-shirt. You might notice John Lennon’s handwriting on it as well as some thumbnails sketched in his style. So quite a gadget we think.

Sunday, September 26 – Meiveld, 5501 KA Veldhoven (The Netherlands) – Doors open: 4.30 PM


September 4, 2010

BeApple supports 24-Hour course

Saturday, September 11 at noon the starting pistol sounds for the Meerhoven 24 hours sponsor run which will last until 12.00 o’clock the next day. All revenues will be donated to the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. The mission of this foundation is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

The start and finish is at the Multifunctional Centre Hangar. Several additional activities take place at the central square in the hangar throughout daytime. BeApple has a warm heart for this foundation and promotes fundraising by doing a free and unpaid concert at the closing on Saturday evening. An extra special reason for you to be there!

Saturday, September 11 – Multicultureel Centrum “De Hangar” – Meerbos 4, 5658 LA Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – 9.30 PM

Busses (from Eindhoven)

Hermes-Bus 401, boarding area Piazza, get off Meerrijk. In principle 4x per hour, time span 15 minutes, mind some extra minutes by foot.

By car

From north via exit Welschap, south of via exit Veldhoven pass McDonald’s restaurant.


August 20, 2010

BeApple official 2010 T-shirt

End of Augustus will mark the second BeApple Liverpool tour during the International Beatle Week Festival, one of the biggest Music events in the world. Those who were there last year are able to recite, bands from over 20 countries and fans from over 40 worldwide. Above all it’s the atmosphere you won’t forget for a long time.

As of now the official ‘Let it BeApple’ 2010 T-shirt is available. You might notice John Lennons handwriting on it as well as some thumbnails sketched in his style. So quite a gadget we think! But be aware, as last year the T-shirts are only limited available. So don’t hesitate and order now at: this link. (Sorry, no longer available!)


June 29, 2010

BeApple again in Eindhoven

For those who wanted more last Sunday and for those who missed the gig, look who is here this Sunday, July 4. It’s BeApple again! We are headlining the ‘Doe de Dommel 2010’ event.

‘Doe de Dommel’ is a biennial event organised by the City of Eindhoven for the fourth time ever. About 7.00 pm we show up on stage at the City Hall Square in Eindhoven. After another hot and sunny day it’s good to sing along with us. “Good Day Sunshine”, hello sweet evening. Be there!

Sunday, July 4 – Stadhuisplein 1, 5611 EM Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Doors open: 7 PM


June 20, 2010

BeApple plays at eighth

After a ‘sold out‘ show at theatre De Kersouwe in Heeswijk Dinther last Friday, June 18, BeApple is ready to go for it again next weekend in Meerhoven. Sunday, June 27 the eighth Meerhovendag is taking place from 10 am till 6 pm. Meerhoven is a brand new quarter in Eindhoven. During the Meerhovendag you are able to experience this yourself with lots of performances, acts and a great variety of attractions. BeApple is even doing two shows this sunny Sunday, 2.30 pm and again at 4.30 pm. See you there !

Sunday, June 27 – Spilcentrum “De Hangar”, Meerbos 16, 5658 LA – Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Doors open: 2.30 PM

Busses (from Eindhoven)

Hermes-Bus 401, boarding area Piazza, get off Meerrijk. In principle 4x per hour, time span 15 minutes, mind some extra minutes by foot.

By car

From north via exit Welschap, south of via exit Veldhoven pass McDonald’s restaurant.


June 12, 2010

BeApple versus the Stones

Take a close look and see: ‘Tribute Beatles’ in De Kersouwe open air theatre. Don’t need to guess who. You can have your choice and see the band you know that is meant here. This is all about the BeApple four. See them play next Friday, June 18.

Your best chance at last to experience the difference between the Beatles and the Stones. Although the Stones did come scary near to the sound of the Fab Four with ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’.

The very last time we know a tribute confrontation like this took place was in 2008 in Trondheim, Norway. So don’t miss it when you happen to be around.

Only a few tickets are still available, 10 euro each. Do not disappoint yourself by waiting for the last moment but go for it online at .

See you there !

Friday, June 18 – Natuurtheater De Kersouwe – Kersouwelaan 1 – 5473 TE – Heeswijk-Dinther (The Netherlands) – Doors open: 8 PM


May 14, 2010

Great attention for BeApple in Dutch newspaper

An even more than extensive article about BeApple was published in the Eindhoven Times last week. The online version can be read here (in Dutch).


May 9, 2010

BeApple is on the road again

We are ready for it. Only two weeks from now BeApple starts touring again. After an intense period of rehearsing new songs we now focus on our first 2010 gig, Saturday, May 15. Having already 10 gigs in front of one, including some in Liverpool (UK) for the second time in august, the new season for BeApple looks bright once more.

A new spring, a new sound. From now on the unmistakable BeApple sound can be heard in even more Beatles classics. Of course we start playing them right away but you may count on new entries on all gigs to come so you won’t get bored that fast.

We are looking forward to meet you ‘Beapple People’ live again in the near future. See you there !

Saturday, May 15 – Café van U, Hof 20 5571 CC, Bergeijk (The Netherlands) – Doors open: 10 PM


March 10, 2010

BeApple gets a taste for more

It took some time but here it is, our youngest newsletter. As you notice the format changed as well as the size of the English chapter.

With more than 20 gigs last year, amongst some 14 abroad we had a memorable time in 2009. This also leads us to a new exciting phase, which needs a slightly different approach. More professional but without drawing a bill on the musical excitement and the friendship we build. We carefully look upon this as thé BeApple formula.

After returning from Buenos Aires we needed some time to think things over regarding our ambitions for 2010 and how to achieve them. Of course we also focused on the music and started to expand the BeApple repertoire for new gigs to come. Repertoire you won’t hear other tribute bands normally play. We know you will also recognize this as a typical BeApple approach!

Our working method attracts attention and shortly since Argentina is again regarding interest from abroad. Everything seems to pass off without a hitch, even that fast that we decided to cancel some 4 gigs we were invited to do in Louisville (USA) next may. It didn’t fit in our individual schedules. A pity but not that dramatic. We just signed for again 6 to 7 gigs inLiverpool in august this week, starting at the Cavern Club Backstage! And we also are listed for festivals in Mons(BE) en Washington (USA). Not bad at all.

All nice and exciting but of course we also remain doing gigs in The Netherlands, starting may 15. So this springtime we are on the road again. See you there!


February 7, 2010

BeApple lessons

How nice that todays youngsters also discover the Beatles and the Eindhoven Four. There are even pieces of work dedicated to them. Iris Huis in ‘t Veld (6VWO) and Jules van Stiphout (elementary school) both wrote an essay. BeApple was asked to contribute which was a pleasure.