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As a starting band, BeApple gained international attention in 2008 by winning the ‘Beatles Unlimited Golden Apple Award’. Over the years their sound has developed from a subdued but personal sound to a very own recognizable approach that does not shy away from going off the beaten track. The BeApple ‘twist’ has now evolved into a Beatles ‘out of the box’ approach. Once again they give a different, refreshing view of the well-known songs of those four other boys in the 1960s. The Beatles never get boring and BeApple proves that it still knows what to do as a live band in 2023: remain surprisingly resourceful!

Alain Leijtens – lead guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals
Frank Goorts – bass guitar and vocals
Cees van Rooden – drums and vocals
Rik van Stiphout – keys, vocals and a little bit of everything